Terms & Conditions

Registration is not confirmed until payment is done. You will receive a registration confirmation, after payment you will receive another confirmation as a participant of WCS Insomnia.

Payment condition:
Once you have registered you will receive an email with your payment details. Passes need to be paid within 7 days or you will have to re-register.
Prices refer to the day of payment and not the date of registration (if you didn’t made payment until the end of cheaper option you have to pay new price). Prices can be changed by the side of organizer. Payment can be made via bank transfer (details will come with registration confirmation). Registration is valid when you made payment. After that, you will receive our confirmation. If you can’t pay until the date, please send us an email.

One Payment:
Bank transfer in one payment is without extra cost and have to be done immediately after submitting. With registration you will receive ID Number and all the details for payment via bank. If we don’t receive payment in 7 days, your registration is deleted.

Split Payment:
For individual passes is option for split payment into two parts – within registration you pay non-refundable 100 €, and the rest until end of June 2020. If we don’t receive the second part of the payment, your registration is deleted. The amount of 100 € is non-refundable. For split payment is extra cost in 3 € amount for bank costs.

Bank transfer or Pay Pal:
Bank Transfer:
Individual payment can be made in one or split payment: Please write
WCS INSO 2020 + NAME or ID Number (you will receive it with registration)
Group payment can be made in one payment from one person: WCS INSO 2020 + GROUP NAME

Pay Pal:
For payments by PayPal, we have to add a 5% fee.

If you don’t receive email with payment details in 24 hours, please send us email to

Group price:
For groups of 10 people or more we offer an additional 5% discount on the current Event Pass price. Groups must be gender, level balanced and from the same contry. In group must be one leader who is nominated. The group leader must send all the names of the participants before registration and payment to Participants of the group must be registered as well after the leader of the group gets confirmation from the organizer. If someone from the group register before that, registration is not valid as a group pass. Participants of the group must write the name of the group in the form. The group leader will also make one payment for all the people in the group.

Canceling your registration, cost of cancellation & money refund, transferring registration:
The date of cancellation is the date we receive your clear announcement of cancellation to email (not via Facebook or other social media). In case you cancel your participation, we have to charge your payment. We send back the rest of the money using the same payment method we have received your payment (if you have paid by card we send back the money to your card). The transaction cost is paid by you.

Money refund (is not valid for split payment):
– 100% before 07.05.2020
– 50% before 07.07.2020
– No refunds for cancelations after 08.07.2020.

Transferring rules:
– if you are a leader, you can only find a leader which is not registered yet to substitute
– if you are a follower, you can find either a leader or a follower which is not registered yet to substitute (for confirmation ask event director because of balance).
– if member of the group can’t be present at the festival, member have to find another person to fill the spot and send name of this person. New person have to register after that as well.
If you have any problems with payment please contact us at, subject: WCS INSOMNIA 2020 PAYMENT or CANCELLATION.

Cancellation or registration via Facebook/Instagram is not valid.

– Participants have to wear the wristband at all times. It is mandatory to show the wristband at the entry to classes and parties.
– We do not take any responsibility for your valuables or any possible physical injuries.
– Participants have to accept the decisions of the teachers and organizer during the event and especially during the audition (if there is an audition).
– Participants (their image, voice) may appear in media (like the photo, video) which we’ll record during the event. We can use these media for any purpose related to WCS Insomnia Festival or other artistic purposes in any form. Participants agree that these media are the sole property of the organizer.
– We’ll keep any lost & found items for one week after the event has finished.
– There is no refund in case some part of the program is not realized (for example a teacher is not participating because of illness or canceled flights).
– Participants are not allowed to record or take photos of classes unless the teacher permits it.
– If a participant fails to comply with these rules, the organizer is entitled to withdraw the participant’s pass and ask him/her to leave the event without refund of any fees.
– If we cancel the event we’ll return any payments of the workshop already made. We cannot, however, return any travel expenses or hotel arrangements already made.
– If the event is postponed you can use already paid fee for postponed event.
– If you need any help, contact us, we are more than happy to help you.

Take care for your personal items. We as organizers are not responsible for your personal items. You participated at the festival at your own risk.


Company details:
Umetniško ustvarjanje, Tanja Vojnović s.p.,
Srpenica 55, 5224 Srpenica, Slovenija
Vat no. 73402753
Bank details // Abanka d.d., IBAN: SI56 0510 0801 6477 382,

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