Our plan is to have no audition. That’s why we have Green & Pink level. We kindly ask you that you respect our decision and be honest to you and your dancing friends so please register to the level which is right for you. Teachers will explain to you if they see that the level you choose is not right for you (to hard or to easy). They will kindly ask you to move to another level.

I know the basics and some variations of West Coast Swing, but I still don’t feel confident when social dancing. In addition to improve my basics and patterns, I want to learn the West Coast Swing fundamentals and to be able to dance with any partner. I would like to learn how to keep connection to my partner during the whole dance and feel comfortable dancing with higher level dancers. I want to learn hot to be more musical. I prefer social dancing

West Coast Swing has been part of my life for at least the last 3-4 years and I have at least 1 novice point (you need WDSC ID number). This level will help me to improve my dancing on a social dancefloor and competitions.

You are new to west coast swing or dancing up to 6 months.
This group is for DROP-IN classes.

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