Let us reveal some interesting things about our country and Ljubljana.

  • Did you knew that shape of Slovenia looks like a chicken? 🙂
  • Word Slovenia includes word LOVE – see sLOVEnia 🙂 Romantic, isn’t it?
  • As we said, Ljubljana is very beautiful city. Very romantic and almost from fairytale.  Name Ljubljana came from word beloved – Ljubljena, but later one letter was changed, e became a – so, we get Ljubljana.
  • In the summer time we have a lot of tourist and the meeting point is a statue of our great poet France Prešern, who wrote our national anthem Zdravljica.
  • In the center of Ljubljana we have a lot of bridges and dragons. Ljubljana has nothing really to do with Game of Thrones, but it’s the home of the dragons. They have always been here and this is their story.
  • The decision to name Ljubljana the European Green Capital 2016 was based on the fact that of all the nominees, Ljubljana had made the largest number of changes in the direction of environmentally-friendly and sustainable development in the shortest period of time, precisely from 2007, when the Vision 2025 sustainability strategy was adopted, to 2014.
  • Lonely Planet, the world’s leading travel guide book publisher, has listed Ljubljana at No. 2 on its Best in Europe 2014 list, which includes ten European destinations considered by Lonely Planet editors as the most worth visiting this year. Do not miss the Ljubljana experiences recommended by Lonely Planet!
  • Open kitchen! The Open Kitchen food market will only take place for the second time but it’s already a big story. It’s about an inspiring event, rich tastes, an innovative concept and relaxed socializing in the Ljubljana city centre. It’s something you simply have to get a taste of!

More tips for your trip will be added later 🙂 But for now, you can enjoy in this pictures and don’t forget to book a flight ticket :).

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