TEAM 2020



Originating from opposite sides of the world (USA/France), Bret and Joëlle Navarre found each other through dance, and quickly realized they belonged together. Ever since, they have been traveling the world teaching, competing, performing, judging, and spreading West Coast Swing. They bring their own style to the dance floor, coming from a fusion of Bret’s background in Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Latin, and Ballroom, mixed with Joëlle’s skills from Hip Hop, Belly Dance, Salsa, and Afro-Caribbean Dances.


First they started teaching Boogie-Woogie together in 2002. They also competed that year, where they became Hungarian Champions. Many of their students were also Hungarian Champions later and were successful internationally as well. Many of them are teaching and developing the Boogie community even now. Their love at first sight with West Coast Swing happened on a taster class in Munich, in 2007. After that they sought every opportunity to learn more and more. One year later mostly to the gentle push of around 60 of their students, they started teaching it. Very soon they had to give up Boogie teaching completely to have the time and focus to build the Hungarian West Coast Swing Community. They are teaching 7 different levels from beginners to competitors every week in Hungary. They are teaching throughout Europe from France to Russia many times a year.


He is one of the pioneers and ambassadors of the Slovenian Hip Hop and Urban Dance scene. Born and raised in the capital city Ljubljana he started dancing with the age of 4 back in the days in 1979. His first approach was a dance class in a dance school in that era. Then in 1983 he went to dancing school and discovered Breaking for the first time. The hype for him was so big that from then on he decided to continue seriously. He got more and also get touched by other Urban Dance Styles. After some years of training, travelling and connecting within the international scene he started teaching in 1989. His styles are Hip Hop, Breaking, Locking, Popping, Tutting and House. His motto – connect people, connect countries and never stop learning – has brought him around the world and made him understand to learn something new every day. For him the Hip Hop culture has no borders. Since the beginning he pushed the Slovenian scene as far as possible and won multiple world, European & national competitions in Electric-Boogie, Hip-Hop and Breaking as a competitor and teacher. He is always ready to share knowledge and the love he has for this amazing culture and the dance.


Photo Yeremie Pierre Noir

Špela Premelč has been dancing all her life. She started with ballroom and Latin-American dances, gymnastics and continued with jazz ballet, modern jazz, and contemporary dance. In 2013 she started to dance swing in local dance studios in Ljubljana. She’s been teaching lindy hop since 2015, now in Ljubljana and in Trieste. Even though she is nowadays more into Swing dances, she still dances and teaches contemporary dance. She started teaching contemporary at the age 18, first kids and teenagers, a bit later also adults. In classes she is focused on accepting one’s body the way it is, using it wisely and carefully, because one only has one body. Passion for different dancing and movement in general, together with all experiences from teaching, is felt also on her classes. Her focus is on clear body movement and the natural use of dancers’ bodies. She also pays attention to the pedagogical and andragogical side of teaching different dances.

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