Thank you

I will write honestly.
I think this time was special. Uf, what a weekend! I would like to thank each of you – dancers from Austria, Sweden, Germany, Italy, France, Israel, Slovenija, Slovakia, Switzerland, USA. Specially I want thank our teachers team Amandine Biesse & Damien Favier – thank you for fun workshops, Irina Lisichka Avdeeva & Boris Borenko – thank you for coming again, Melanie Stocker Bucher – thank you for support and long phone talks :). All of you were social to our students, you also danced with them and I think you made them feel special. Thank you Varja Vitorovič & Rok Cerkvenik for class of Zouk. Specially thanks to amazing Joanna Harrold to present a little bit of history and a lot of laugh. I’m also happy that she could come with her granddauther Kayleen Lansdale to explore our beautiful country. Thank you Anja Christina for great photo memory. Thank you DJ Marko, Tom, Steffen. Linda & Nicole, thank you for coming. If you are around I know everything will be ok 😀 You know how it is if you have EDS – event director syndrome :D. At last I have to thank my team (it’s not big but is effective) – Tina, Klara & Cecilia, without you it would be more stressful. At the end I can say, that I’m proud what I’ve done and took a risk with the event. It was worth one year of work and for days without sleep. You were happy, I was happy :)) Thank you for coming and see you next year [I have to stop, because i will cry] 😀 LOL.